Use GPS To Track Your Mobile Phone

GPS Tracker:

GPS Tracker is a device normally carried by a person, that uses Global Positioning System to track the lost mobile phone or vehicle or person movements at intervals and to determine the location. The recorded location stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to a central location database or computer having internet connection using a satellite modem embedded in the unit.

Usually, GPS tracker contains a GPS module that receives the GPS signal and calculates the co-ordinates that you may know at The basic categories of GPS trackers are as follows:

Data loggers – Data logger contains a large memory space to store the co-ordinates.

Data Pushers – Data Pusher contains a GSM/GPRS modem to transmit this information to a central computer either via SMS or GPRS in form of IP packets.

Data Pullers – Also known as GPS transponders and it is always switched to the ON mode and hence can be checked upon as frequently as possible.


gps tracking system


Phone Tracking Using GPS:

With the advancement of technology, many mobile phones have in built GPS receiver that helps to find out where you are or where your mobile phone is. This is possible because of communication of range of satellites that orbit the earth and hence pinpointing positions on the ground.

Applications like Google maps helps you to navigate from one place to another place. But still some advanced application available to track your lost mobile phone. This is possible with the help of GPS again.

Many branded software packages available online to track your lost mobile phone. All these software packages make use of GPS feature to trace your phone’s location. You can either browse them on internet or download the application onto your phone.

When you download tracking application on your mobile phone and it will send information about the location details of lost phone. Most of them provides you free service to use, although as the information sent using the data service on your phone, your network operator may charge you. If you have an unlimited data use plan, this should not cause you a problem.

One can even get the feature of live monitoring of your lost phone’s movement. Both the location as well monitoring is possible through global positioning system. Some software will find your phone’s location even in difficult cases. In such cases, they make use of WLAN networks.

Many of the software packages offer you free trial period which can be used to check the accuracy of such software. Based on the accuracy you choose the reliable software to work with it in future.